Hi there,

I'm vib (or any other of the many variations of my username). Who's that? I dunno...

I like doing a thing or two from time to time. I also host a couple of things.

Am some person spending time around the internet at times.

Kind of sort of studying programming but yeah.

Hey, look I have a Nitter instance over here! It's nitter.vibb.ro.
Also Invidious instance on in.vibb.ro.

It's fun!!

Waiting for the days of ipv6 single stack...

Nothing important, really. Just me playing around or wanting to share the way I did something to some others.

Actually Work in Progress I kind of want to relayout a couple of things but later -w-.

Notes to self: Move the links in the header down on the main page, figure out what to have on the header then. Also look up what's the deal with the sitemap thing.

I am part of the Fediring (!!!) (Bup the Blobcat if you don't know what this is) :

<= fediring =>

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