Hi there,

I'm vib (or any other of the many variations of my username). Who's that? I dunno...

I like doing a thing or two from time to time. I also host a couple of things.

Am some person spending time around the internet at times.

Kind of sort of studying programming but yeah.

Hey, look I have a Nitter instance over here! It's nitter.vibb.ro.
Also Invidious instance on in.vibb.ro.
Oh oh and now also a libreddit one! re.vibb.ro

It's fun!!

Nothing important, really. Just me playing around or wanting to share the way I did something to some others.

Actually Work in Progress I kind of want to relayout a couple of things but later -w-.

Notes to self: Move the links in the header down on the main page, figure out what to have on the header then. Also look up what's the deal with the sitemap thing.

I am part of the Fediring (!!!) (Bup the Blobcat if you don't know what this is) :

<= fediring =>

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